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Discography as a leader / composer / bassist

John LindbergJohn Lindberg BC3
Born in an Urban Ruin
Clean Feed Records (2016)

John Lindberg

John Lindberg Raptor Trio
Western Edges
Clean Feed Records (2016)

John Lindberg

Wadada Leo Smith & John Lindberg
Celestial Weather
TUM Records (2015)

John Lindberg

Juggling Kukla
John Lindberg Anil Eraslan
NoBusiness Records (2015)

John Lindberg

John Lindberg’ s Tripolar
(a)live at Roulette, NYC
jazzwerkstatt Records (2011)
With Don Davis, Kevin Norton

John Lindberg

BLOB (Lindberg/Orr/Sorgen with special guest Ralph Carney)
Earphonious Swamphony
innova Recordings (2010)

John Lindberg

Obara/Lindberg/Sorgen: MaMuGe3
Ars Cameralis Records (2010)

John Lindberg 50

John Lindberg
Year 50 Album
LindyEditions/BFM (compilation)(2009)


You Can’t Get There From There
LindyEditions/BFM (2009)
With Ted Orr, Harvey Sorgen

john lindberg music for chamber ensemble

John Lindberg
Music for Chamber Ensemble
LindyEditions/BFM (2008)

Quantum Fugue cover

Quantum Fugue
LindyEditions/BFM (2008)
With Ted Orr, Harvey Sorgen

Luther Thomas & John Lindberg
Spirit of St. Louis
Ayler Records (2008)

Tha Sound of Truth
( Planet Arts/LindyEditions, 2007)
with Rahman Jamaal and Tani Tabbal

John Lindberg -Karl Berger
Duets 1
(between the lines, 2005)

Winter BirdsJohn Lindberg Quartet
Winter Birds
(between the lines, 2005)
with Baikida Carroll, Steve Gorn, Susie Ibarra

John Lindberg
Ruminations upon Ives and Gottschalk
(between the lines)
with Baikida Carroll, Steve Gorn, Susie Ibarra

(Red Toucan Records)

John Lindberg
Two by Five
(between the lines, 2001)
for string quintet

John Lindberg Ensemble
A Tree Frog Tonality
(between the lines, 2000)
with Andrew Cyrille, Larry Ochs, Wadada Leo Smith

John Lindberg Ensemble: THE CATBIRD SINGSJohn Lindberg Ensemble
The Catbird Sings
(Black Saint, 2000)
with Andrew Cyrille, Larry Ochs, Wadada Leo Smith

Bounce cover

John Lindberg Ensemble
(Black Saint, 1997) – with Dave Douglas, Ed Thigpen, Larry Ochs

Luminosity cover

John Lindberg
Luminosity (Homage to David Izenzo (Music And Arts, 1996) – solo


Eric Watson/John Lindberg
Soundpost: Works for Piano and Double Bass
(Music And Arts, 1995) – duo

Resurrection of a Dormant Soul cover

John Lindberg
Resurrection of a Dormant Soul
(Black Saint, 1995)
with Albert Mangelsdorff, Ed Thigpen, Eric Watson

Quartet Afterstorm cover

John Lindberg
Quartet Afterstorm
(Black Saint, 1994)
with Albert Mangelsdorff, Ed Thigpen, Eric Watson

Eric Watson/John Lindberg/Bill Elgart
The Fool School (AA, 1992) – trio

Dodging Bullets cover

John Lindberg
Dodging Bullets
(Black Saint, 1992)
with Albert Mangelsdorff, Eric Watson

Eric Watson/John Lindberg
The Memory of Water
(Label Bleu, 1991) – duo

John Lindberg/Eric Watson
Shoot First
(Ear-Rational, 1989) – duo

Jay Clayton/John Lindberg
As Tears Go By
(ITM, 1988) with Marty Ehrlich, Thurman Barker,
Charles Burnham, James Emery

John Lindberg Revolving Ensemble
Relative Reliability
(West Wind, 1988) with Marty Ehrlich, Thurman Barker

Heinz Becker/John Lindberg/Louis Sclavis
(FMP Records, 1987)

Eric Watson/Steve Lacy/John Lindberg
The Amiens Concert
(Label Bleu, 1987) – trio

Triology of Works... cover

John Lindberg
Trilogy of Works for Eleven Instrumentalists
(Black Saint, 1984) conducted by Anthony Braxton

John Lindberg
The East Side Suite
(Sound Aspects, 1983) with John Carter, Eric Watson

John Lindberg
Haunt of the Unresolved
(Nato, 1983) – with Marty Ehrlich, Hugh Ragin

Give and Take cover

John Lindberg Trio
Give and Take
(Black Saint, 1982) with George Lewis, Barry Altschul

John Lindberg/Hugh Ragin
Team Work
(Cecma, 1982) – duo

John Lindberg/Marty Ehrlich
(Cecima, 1981) – duo

John Lindberg Quintet
Dimension 5
(Black Saint, 1981) with Hugh Ragin, Marty Ehrlich, Billy Bang, Thurman Barker

John Lindberg/Billy Bang
(Anima, 1980) – duo

John Lindberg
Comin’ and Goin’
(Leo, 1979) solo bass

Discography with the String Trio of New York


The River of Orion (Black Saint Records, 2008)



Live in Grand Rapids (LindyEditions/BFM, 2008)


Frozen Ropes (Barking Hoop, 2005)
with Oliver Lake

.Gut Reaction (OmniTone, 2003)


Faze Phour coverFaze Phour: A Twenty Year Retrospective (Black Saint, 1998)
with Diane Monroe, James Emery


String Trio of New York with Anthony Davis: Happy Valley Blues
(Music & Arts, 1997)
featuring works by Monk, Ellington, Mingus, Davis)

Blues...? cover

Blues…? (Black Saint, 1994)


An Outside Job (AA, 1993)

Octagon coverOctagon (Black Saint, 1993)


Intermobility (Arabesque, 1992)
with Regina Carter, James Emery

Time Never Lies (Stash, 1990)

Ascendant coverAscendant (Stash, 1989)


String Trio of New York and Jay Clayton (West Wind, 1987)
with Charles Burnham, James Emery

Natural Balance coverNatural Balance (Black Saint, 1986)


Rebirth of a Feeling coverRebirth of a Feeling (Black Saint, 1985)


Common Goal (Black Saint, 1983)

Area Code 212 coverArea Code 212 (Black Saint, 1981)


First String coverFirst String (Black Saint, 1979)
with Billy Bang, James Emery


Discography as a sideman

Wadada Leo Smith: America’s National Parks (double album)
(Cuneiform Records 2016)


Wadada Leo Smith: The Great Lakes Suites (double album)
(TUM Records 2014)


Wadada Leo Smith & TUMO: Occupy The World (double album, featuring the double bass concerto, Mount Kilimanjaro)
(TUM Records 2013)

Wadada Leo Smith: Ten Freedom Summers (4 disc set)
(Cuneiform 2012)


Wadada Leo Smith’ s Organic: Heart Reflections (Cuneiform Records–Double Album, 2011)

Roswell Rudd: Singles – The Incredible Honk (Sunnyside Records, 2011)

Anne LeBaron: 1,2,4,3 (Innova Recordings–Double Album, 2010)

Weasel Walter Sextet: Invasion( ugExplode Records, 2010)

Sheila Landis/Rick Matle: Heart Plaza(SheLan Records, 2010)

Wadada Leo Smith: Spiritual Dimensions(Cuneiform, 2009)

Wadada Leo Smiths Golden Quartet: Tabligh (Cuneiform, 2008)

Judi Silvano: Cleome:Live Takes (JSL, 2008)

Wadada Leo Smith: Lake Biwa (Tzadik, 2004)

Kevin Norton’s Bauhaus Quartet: Time-Space Modulator (Barking Hoop, 2004)

Sheila Landis/Rick Matle: Driven (SheLan, 2004)

Larry Chernicoff: October (Windy Planet SACD 4511, 2003)

Kevin Norton’s Living Language: Intuitive Structures(Cadence 1166, 2003)

Jean Nametz: We Owe the Grave Many a Day (2002)

Karl Berger: Stillpoint (Double Moon, 2002)

Susie Ibarra: Flower by Flower (Tzadik, 2000)

Quest with Michael West, Karl Berger, Dave Meade, (Calms Music, 1995)

Eric Watson Trio: Punk Circus (Free-Lance, 1994)

Sunny Murray Quartet: Indelicacy (West Wind, 1988)

Das Pferd: Kisses (ITM, 1988)

Hugh Ragin: Metaphysical Question (Cecma, 1984)

Anthony Braxton: Prague Concert (Sound Aspects, 1984)

Anthony Braxton: Six Compositions (Quartet) 1984 (Black Saint, 1984)

Anthony Braxton: Four Compositions (Quartet) 1983 (Black Saint, 1983)

Tony Coe: Tournee du Chat (Nato, 1982)

Anthony Braxton/John Lindberg: Six Duets (1982) (Cecma, 1982)

Tim Berne: Spectres (Empire, 1981)

Keshavan Maslak: Big Time (Daybreak, 1981)

Jimmy Lyons/Sunny Murray: Jump Up/What to Do About (hatHut, 1980)

Keshavan Maslak: Loved By Millions (Leo, 1980)

Anthony Braxton: Performance 9/1/79 (hat-Hut, 1979)

Anthony Braxton: 7 Compositions (Moers Music, 1979)

Anthony Braxton Creative Music Orchestra (hat-Hut, 1978)

Human Arts Ensemble: Live! Volume 1 (Circle, 1978)

Human Arts Ensemble: Junk Trap (Black Saint, 1978)

Frank Lowe: Lowe and Behold (Musicworks, 1977)



Donkey Harvest
A film by Allan Brown
Music composed and performed by John Lindberg

Bass Walk
A Lindy Film Edition
Written, Directed and Produced by John Lindberg

The Making of JazzHopRevolution/ “The Myth” Music Video
A Lindy Film Edition
Directed by John Bongiorno
Produced by John Lindberg

Wadada Leo Smith Golden Quartet
A film by Jacques Goldstein
LaHuit Films

String Trio of New York
Built By Hand
Rhapsody Films
Produced by Inter-Media Arts Center

Anna Mae Wong: In Her Own Words
A Film by Yunah Hong

Billy Bang : Long Over Due
An Oscar Sanders Film
Malcolm Entertaiment

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