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Lindberg’s primary goal in this area is to serve as an artist-in-residence that essentially offers an exciting opportunity for “re-education.” In essence, helping others understand more about who they authentically are and how they can creatively express that uniqueness. By engaging in learning that moves beyond commonly subsumed notions of history, tradition and any fixed parameters for creative expression, he teaches a perspective that invites people to find modes and techniques that enhance their own distinct originality. Forging pathways towards blending original voices into cohesive groups and ensembles is a crucially connected aspect of the teachings. Educational forums are presented in varied formats, for people of all ages and backgrounds. These presentations are highly successful in both standard academic institutions and alternative settings.

Lindberg’s sharing of his own experience of learning by directly creating as a working artist and collaborating with other top professionals, is the focus of his educational outreaches. What being a growing, evolving and actively working artist entails, and how creative music positively impacts and offers something powerful and important to humanity as a whole, is key to what Lindberg elucidates as a “re-educator.”

Using music performance and composition as a core study to branch off from in myriad directions is the general design of his various teaching programs.

John has served as an artist-in-residence in a diversity of settings, ranging from the University of the Streets and LaMama Children’s Theatre to Stanford University and Dartmouth College.

He served as special faculty at California Institute of the Arts in 2008, and again from 2011 – 2014. He taught in both the performer-composer and jazz studies programs. Classes he taught at the institute included systemic improvisation ensemble, creative music electronic ensemble, career designs, spirituality of improvisation, graduate jazz composition, private double bass lessons, and private composition lessons.

He actively teaches privately, primarily in the areas of composition, improvisation, and double bass studies.

John is currently available as an individual artist-in-residence, offering programs for musicians and artists of all kinds, as well as those that connect with other humanities, as well as natural and social sciences.

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